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Bridging the Gap Between Physical and Cyber Security

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Arch Access Control works with companies to assess both physical and cyber security vulnerabilities and execute a plan to resolve them.

Here's How

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Complete an Arch Canopy security assessment. This assessment is based on the CMMC and NIST control families and domains. These assessment frameworks are the most widely accepted and strenuous standards for cybersecurity compliance - inclusive of physical security - across industries.

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Arch will provide you a score for each control family that measures how close (or far) you are from success.

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Arch consults with - both - your facilities and information security teams to prioritize your security needs, based upon the company’s business model and/or compliance demands.

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Once we’ve built a project plan with internal stakeholders, we will manage that project through implementation, logging milestones and documentation within the Arch Canopy workspace. As security vulnerabilities are addressed and documented, other vulnerabilities can be planned for and elevated into successive budget cycles.

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We work with complex data-rich organizations which are exposed to both physical and cyber threats. Highly regulated businesses with 500-1000 access points have both the impetus and the vulnerability to make the most of Arch’s comprehensive assessment and implementation – The Arch Canopy System. Our most successful clients understand the relationship between the data and physical infrastructures of their firm, many of them bringing cyber and physical security under a unified management structure.

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