The Arch mission is bringing end-to-end risk mitigation solutions to clients at the intersection of physical and cyber vulnerabilities.

Powered by our proprietary digital assessment technology - Arch Canopy - we empower CDOs, CISOs and facilities managers to uncover their companies risk exposure. Arch, then, collaborates with its established network of physical security integrators and high-tech cybersecurity innovators to scale projects that bridge those vulnerability gaps.

A Founder with Proven Integrity

Arch Access’s founder and CEO, Martin Shepherd spent the first 20 years of his career protecting people and businesses as a litigator and in-house counsel. His track record of integrous representation and ability to build networks of support within the innovation community stands as the foundation to Arch Access’s promise of reliability.

Arch Canopy Dashboard

Arch Canopy System

Our AWS-hosted Arch Canopy software is a business intelligence tool designed to support executive and managerial decision making. The security frameworks built into Arch Canopy were created by the National Institute of Standards in Technology (NIST) and the Department of Defense. Those assessment frameworks expose controls and practices that indicate the risk of cyber or physical breach throughout a client’s entire security environment.

Network of Integrators

Security leaders know that all integrators are not created equal. And while many are suited for small install jobs and others carry big expensive brand names, the truly transformational firms are few and far between. Arch Access brings you both connectivity to proven performers powered by a selection and project management overlay that is driven by the Arch Canopy System.

What to Expect


Accelerated Innovation: We transform the security industry’s intelligence into actionable threat deterrence.


Strategic Partnership: We bring the best and most aligned partners to each custom solution we implement.


Rigorous Evolution: We commit to staying ahead of advancing threats through expanding expertise and certification. End-to-End.


Implementation: We carry out the results of our consultative assessment into actionable security installation and management.


Diversity: Arch is a certified member of NMSDC and eager to serve businesses that value supplier diversity.